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Note: the Charter of reference is written in French. This is a translation.




This association is of international character and brings together personalities from the world of mathematics form a number of countries. It aims to promote the spreading of basic mathematical culture by all means and, in particular, by organising an annual game-contest to be held on the same day in all participating countries, whose goal is to stimulate and motivate the largest possible number of pupils as complement to other activities, competitions, Olympiads, rallies, …

This game-contest, the Kangourou des Mathématiques, was created in 1991 in France by André Deledicq, based on the Australian Mathematics Competition. It contributes to the popularisation and promotion of mathematics to all young people. It is based on mass participation in a scientific event and ensures a large base for these activities. The game aims to attract the maximum number of pupils without providing any national selection nor a comparison between countries.


Members and annual meetings


Each active member organises the game-contest and the distribution of documents in their country under the responsibility of a corporation (association, university, society, …) that has been accepted by the General Assembly of the Association Kangourou sans Frontières, which association has contracted with the owner of the “Kangaroo” trademark. During the Annual General Assembly, the subjects of the questions of the game-contest are chosen in common, and the various documents and awards are exchanged for translation and possible co-publishing. Given these exchanges and provided that the principles stated in the present Charter as well as the Bylaws of the Association are respected, each member freely organises the competition and the distribution of documents in their country.


The contest


The contest is composed of just one test: no selection, no preliminary round, no final round. The contest takes place in March, on the same day and the same hour in all countries, and consists of a multiple choice test of twenty-four or thirty questions of increasing difficulty. For each question a choice of five answers is provided. 5 levels are offered: Primary Schools (8-10 years old), Benjamins (11-12 years old), Cadets (13-14 years old), Juniors (15-17 years old), Seniors (18-19 years old). The classifications may differ according to class level (for example, in France, 6th grade and 7th grade for Benjamnins) and/or options of schooling (vocational school, scientific majors, …).


Mathematical culture diffusion


Linked with the contest, and under the trademark “Kangaroo”, books on mathematical games and brochures on mathematical popularisation are disseminated widely.

In this context, the association tries to promote exchanges between member countries, in particular by co-publications and translations of works and by the organisation of international summer camps between the participants of member countries.

The game-contest itself is completely financed by the participation fees of pupils or by the sale of various books and brochures attached to the contest. One half at least of the total budget of all the activities organised under the name “Kangaroo” must be spent on exchanges and publications.