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What is KMC?


Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) is an annual international math competition for primary and secondary school students. The KMC is the largest math competition in the world with more than 6 million participants annually, from 75 countries. The contest originated from France and is administered globally by Association Kangourou sans Frontieres (AKSF). Each local contest is organized locally by a national organizer. KMC has been organized in Tanzania since 2013, by Kangaroo Math Tanzania.


History of KMC


In the early 1980s, Peter O’Holloran, a math teacher at Sydney, started a math competition in Australian schools. The competition was in multiple choice format, which meant that thousands of pupils could participate at the same time. The contest, which was known as the Australian Mathematical National Contest, was a tremendous success.


In 1991, two French teachers, André Deledicq and Jean Pierre Boudine, decided to start a competition in France under the name “Kangaroo” (or Kangourou in French) to pay tribute to their Australian friends. In the first edition, 120,000 students took part. In the first few years, the contest grew until more than 20 European countries participated. The countries jointly formed the Association Kangourou sans Frontieres (AKSF), which in English means the Association of Kangaroo Without Borders.


In June 1993, the Board members of AKSF convened a European meeting in Paris. Many organizers of math competitions in European countries were also invited. They were impressed by the steadily increasing number of participants in the French Kangourou competition: 120,000 in 1991, 300,000 in 1992, and 500,000 in 1993. Other countries decided to adopt the same contest scheme: Belarus, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia and Spain. The Kangaroo remains popular in these countries.


In June 1994, at the European Council meeting in Strasbourg, the delegates of 10 European countries decided to formally incorporate the AKSF with an elected Board of 6 members and legal Statutes. The association was registered in Paris on January 17th, 1995.


Since then, every country has its own organization and no comparison of results has been made between countries. Starting in 1996, all country members participated in the organization of the Annual General Assembly of AKSF. Memberships have grown to include countries in Asia, Africa and South America.


Since 1995, the AKSF annual General Assembly takes place in a different country, in October or November. The subjects of the following year’s contest are chosen. The documents and prizes are exchanged, the inter countries summer camps are scheduled and programmed. The current Chair of the AKSF is Dr. Gregor Dolinar from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, who is also the Secretary of the International Mathematical Olympiad Advisory Board.


Tanzania was unanimously elected to join the AKSF in 2017, at the annual AKSF meeting in Protaras Beach, Cyprus. Mr. Suhaimi Ramly was appointed as the country representative. Mr. Suhaimi is the coach for the national team to the International Mathematical Olympiad since 2007, and has been active with organizing many mathematics camps and competitions in the country.


(Adapted from the AKSF official website http://www.aksf.org/)

The fifth Kangaroo contest in Tanzania  took place in 16 March 2017, and the next contest will take place on 15 March 2018. All Tanzanian students are invited to participate! Come and Join Us!


The objectives of KMC are :


  • To support the eort of internationalization of Tanzania education system as
    outlined in “Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Tanzania 2013-2025”.
  • To popularize mathematical enrichment activities among students and teachers in Tanzania.
  • To allow Tanzanian school students to achieve certication and recognition from an internationally prominent educational body. Students are then able to include the KMC certicate in their school portfolio and obtain co curriculum marks according to their performance.
  • To expose students to interesting math problem which are designed by internationally renowned math educators.
  • To allow students to apply their knowledge in Mathematics that they have learned in school.
  • To develop Higher Order Thinking Skills in mathematics among students in Tanzania in line with the revised KSSR & KSSM curriculum.


Any pre-university student studying in Tanzania is eligible to take part in the Kangaroo Math Competition. This includes students in government schools, private schools, matriculation colleges, private colleges, international schools, and home-schooled students.

Each school can send as many students as desired.


Promote the KMC

  • You may help promote the KMC to Tanzania students and teachers by sharing the links to our website http://kangaroomath.com.my
  • You may also promote the KMC by distributing the Official KMC 2017 Information Pack (7.67MB, PDF format).
  • You may request full-color hard copies of the information pack from us for promotional purposes.
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